Minutes and Automatic YouTube Event Creation

We are excited to announce the addition of minutes and automatic YouTube Event creation to the Open.Media platform. Now when you create a Session in your Open.Media account, a YouTube Live Event will be created automatically, and during your live broadcasts, you can take minutes and index agenda items on the same page.


New Minutes Interface:

New Minutes Interface

Adding Minutes

Quickly add minutes on the fly, eliminating the need to manage multiple software solutions during your meeting.

Add note interface screenshot
Time sync button screenshot

Simple Time Syncing

The new interface includes a time sync button on each agenda item and note, so you can easily index any meeting element to the exact time in the video.


Streamlined Workflow

Leave the YouTube tab closed -- you won’t need it! Now, when you create your Session, we’ll automatically create the Live Event in YouTube for you.

When you’re ready for your meeting, just start your encoder, and click Start!

Active start button screenshot
Kaye Wattawa